the beach

The beach of Riza is a pebble beach with some rocks. It is more than a kilometer long and it’s located between Artolithia and Lygia beaches.

It’s a picturesque scenery, full of olive trees and amazing beaches, that offer an amazing view at the Ionian Sea, along with complete relaxation, making it ideal for those who seek a quiet and calm vacation.

A Hawaii... in the Ionian Sea

A Hawaii...
in the Ionian Sea

The beaches in Preveza during the autumn months, remind something from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, bringing Miami and Hawaii into the Ionian Sea.

Although surfing is not very popular in Greece, has lots of supporters in Preveza’s beaches, like the ones of Valtos, Loutsa and Lygia. These are some of the favorite destinations for surfers.

Many big foreign magazines, with extended tributes, talk about another… Hawaii in the Ionian Sea: “Water is shallow and when the wave breaks down, it takes you to the shore. With good balance on the surfboard, bent knees and open arms, you enjoy a fascinating surfing experience”.