who we are

Apostolis is the “head” of the family and Alexandros is the third generation of the Acrogiali business, which was founded in 1968 from Alexandros (grandfather) and Athanasia (grandmother).

“With previous generation’s experience and advice, I always felt safety and loyalty. Working with people I know and love helped a lot”, Apostolis once said.

Ποιοι είμαστε | Ακρογιάλι Δωμάτια και Κάμπινγκ Πρέβεζα

Although, problems sometimes occur in family business, Mitos family keeps creating and working continuously.

Tina, the “soul” of the family, with the Italian-French temperament, always finds the best solutions. Carolina, the youngest daughter of the family, is always supportive, with new and innovative ideas.

Primarily, Acrogiali was a small coffee shop-tavern at the village. with small and stable steps, through time, it became an approved and EU certified accommodation facility.

Acrogiali is not just a place for a beautiful vacation. Our visitors call it “heaven on earth”. The Ionian’s crystal clear blue waters and the amazing beaches, combined with the, full of green nature, mountains, create a magical landscape.

Ποιοι είμαστε | Ακρογιάλι Δωμάτια και Κάμπινγκ Πρέβεζα